Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dreaming In Revolutions

Inside everyone, there is a God given talent that has the power to change the world. Everyone has a unique ability that has been individually put inside them to do great things. I found mine about a year and a half ago: music. I began playing guitar, singing, and writing songs and realized that people all had faith that it was my gift: my way to change the world.

Everyone looks up to musicians, whether for their music, or who they are as people. Is it crazy to want to be looked up to for both? I don't think so. I recently began putting together my first EP demo to be recorded and distributed. As I was writing these new songs for my demo, I realized the intensity of the problems of the music industry. The problem with music these days is that there is an industry standard: money fuels the music, the doesn't matter who you are or what your music sounds like, as long as you're willing to do anything to sell an album, even if it means selling yourself. We have let our media soak us in sex, drugs, and violence. We have lost our sense of decency to what is appropriate and what music is really about. It's becoming harder to choose an adequate role model as the artists of the moment are all corrupt.

These facts of modern media are what fuel my mission with my music. I dream to be an inspiration to stand up for what is right, to encourage, to love everybody, and to be a fearless revolutionary. There is so much more potential for music than what is being presented. We have to opportunity to shine a light in the darkest places, be positive role models, be strong and real. Who says that we have to fit a mold? We can start a positive movement as the youth of the world, and if no one else wants to stand up first, I'll be happy to do it.

I encourage every person to look inside themselves to find that passion inside of them to make a difference, to step out, and to use their talent for the good of the people. Everyone has something to stand up for...why not be the beginning of something revolutionary?

Monday, September 27, 2010

Faith Without Seeing

CR Dancer Slew, is one amazing horse. He is the great grandson of world famous champion race horse, Seattle Slew, a beautiful bay quarter horse; he is a strong athlete with a wonderful disposition, a best friend, all together, every little girl's dream horse. This amazing animal also happens to live in my barn and goes by the pet name, Brown.

Big Brown and I have been a team for almost a year now, earning a district championship, a state qualification, and two world championship qualifications. He easily became my favorite barrel horse I have ever had, the minute I bought him. As perfect as he seemed to me, he acted very strange sometimes, earning himself the titles of ADHD and Special Ed, but turns out there was a reason. Recently, we found out that Big Brown is blind in his right eye. Despite the specialist's assurance, we wondered if it was something we had to keep hidden from people, so no one would know this amazing horse had a major flaw.

The biggest mystery to me is how Brown found the courage to trust me to guide him, even though we hadn't been a team for long at all. He knows he has a disability, and horses are known not to give away trust easily. He decided to make a bond with me, despite not knowing everything about me.

It amazes me that I found inspiration through a horse, but he made me realize that faith and hope are imperative in success. You have to have trust in something, someone other than yourself. You have to have passion and drive, and a will that defies odds. You have to have faith that someday, what hasn't been seen will happen. You have to believe in yourself, despite your flaws. Big Brown is half blind. How many blind barrel horses have you ever seen succeed? I know that I have seen at least one.

Never be afraid to show your imperfections, and be bold enough to trust in yourself, other people, and your dreams, despite the things that are supposed to hold you back. Never let ANYTHING hold you back.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Learning To Be An Example

Everyone is an example of something, whether it be academic success, youth leadership, or extraordinary talent; but some people choose to be examples of things not so desirable. Think of yourself...everyone has someone who watches what they do, whether it be a sibling, a friend, or someone else you know, someone is always looking at your choices. Think about if you talk back to your isn't bad, right? It isn't hurting anyone, right? Contrary to popular belief, it is not only hurting others, but also yourself. When people view you from the outside, they have a pretty distinct judgement of you, even without getting to know you. Yes, this doesn't seem fair, but it is the reality of being human. People DO judge the book by its cover. So this leads to the next question: What are you putting on that cover? Your reputation is one of the most valuable tools that you can have in your life. If you constantly put out examples of integrity and respectfullness, you are more likely to have access to more opportunities than a person who hasn't thought about how their choices may affect them. How does this factor into learning to be an extraordinary leader? As leaders, we not only have people judging what we say and do, but we also have people FOLLOWING what we see and do. That's a challenging thought, isn't it? What if everyone you know acted like you? Would the world be a better place...or worse? Monitoring your decisions and making yourself an example of a TRUE leader will put you in the perfect position to reach people and continue your journey in becoming a true visionary.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Defining Who We Are

   If you look up "generation" in the dictionary, the definition tells us we are, "a group of individuals, most of whom are the same approximate age, having similar ideas, problems, and attitudes." Every generation grows up a different way: with different traditions and standards, but the world, as a whole, has always been on a downward trend. Every new generation that comes along seems to be growing up in a more toxic environment. We are always running in circles, trying to improve everything, but we never get anywhere because we continue to wade into bad habits.

  So what do our choices have to do with the world as a whole? I like to think of it in comparison to the penny effect. One penny seems so small and worthless...but when you join all the pennies together, it begins to add up to dollars, and that is definately worth something to people. Same goes for us. In comparison to this big world, our one life seems so small, but if we can put our differences aside to MAKE a difference together? Our ideas and attitude will be powerful and unstoppable. Never forget that who we are as a whole is determined by our individual choices. We are all called to be leaders in our right; to be set apart from the rest of those people who continue to go down the wrong path. We have such an amazing gift of being young, being intelligent, and being productive, and all we have to do is put it into motion...until we change the world.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

We Are The Future

Our parents have tried to raise us to be leaders, to be set apart, and to be extraordinary as young people, but it can be hard to live up to our potential when the world we live in encourages mediocracy and indecency. I chose this as my blog topic because we really are the future of this world. WE are the ones that will take over responsibility and either rise to the challenge, or sink to the bottom. So how do we  make positive choices and discern what is going to try to pull us down? How do we make a difference and teach ourselves to dare to believe in our dreams? I'm going to find out. Everyone has gifts to contribute, an opinion to share, and a choice: to either be part of the problem or part of the solution. Most of our generation is falling into the problem category, thinking they can't change anything about themselves or this world, but they are sadly mistaken. All of us can be amazing...all of us can be examples...all of us can be role models and positive influences, and all we have to do is realize it and put it in action, but we aren't. I want to change that. In this world, there are leaders, and there are followers, and I believe in setting a positive example and being an influence of encouragement to my fellow students to reach up, reach out, and become absolutely extraordinary in a world of ordinary.